• October 12, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    Despite the low turn out, if you didn’t make you once again missed out on some cool projects,  computer science related stuff as well as demos.

    1. Knights tour,   – using a chess board how do you move 1 knight so it goes over each square once, only using the valid moves a knight can make ?

    2. Sort program,  this is was a demo of the article that Tom Brough wrote yesterday  You can read the info http://www.dcglug.org.uk/network-sort-algorithm-animation/ If you would like to see the demo come to the Jam on the 8th November 2014.

    3. Minecraft,  one of our younger members was using a laptop to create a 8 bit adder circuit in mine craft,  yep you can build computers inside minecraft,  again if you want to know more come next time

    4. We also set up another young persons Pi , downloaded xfce so we could run that instead of the default lxde desktop environment.  It worked great once we got the pi toNovember connect to the internet then figured out how to tell X to load xfce.   Tom and Mark did a great job with this.

    I brought along some cards with 1’s and 0’s,  to demonstrate how binary works,  Will make some more up for next time, I also need to bring extra power supplies along.   We made great use of the laptops donated by Dan Smith at the last jam.

    Once again we did more than JUST raspberry pi.  We are focussing on computer science and coding too.

    Hopefully, next month we can get a full demo of the minecraft 8 bit adder,  as it’s really interesting (and kinda complex) but it should be possible to also use my binary cards to explain what is happening in a different way.  Want to know how 1 + 1 = 11  then come along next time.

    Usual goodies of free stickers are still available along with gummy bears,